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Irfan Akram Design & Build was launched in 2011 with a passion that good design should be at the heart of any building company.  Our approach to construction is based on high quality, good design and creating an environment where detailed information and good communication with our clients is a matter of course. Driven to deliver value for money, not necessarily the cheapest solution, we specialise in refurbishment, extensions and new build projects in the residential sector.


How we think?

We think like the owner. Thinking like an owner means not only understanding what our clients’ needs are, but also accepting the responsibility of ownership for our projects. In using a design-build approach, we designer and contractors take ownership of our projects to ensure that they are well-designed and constructed on time and within budget.

How we work?


  •  The first step is... we arrange an initial meeting to visit your home or site and discuss your project in more detail, listening to your aspirations and ideas, which will guide the design approach.
  •  Having discussed the project with you, we will develop some concept design ideas/sketches. We also develop 3-D models at this stage which help everyone to really understand the design approach. We charge a design fee to cover our time for this stage.
  • We use these plans to produce a detailed preliminary budget for the project. Sometimes this leads to a further round of design development as we explore ways to reduce the budget or allocate the budget in different ways.
  • If a planning approval is required, we will prepare all the drawings in-house and submit the application on your behalf. We have a good working relationship with the local planning authority and have completed many projects.
  • We will then prepare and submit any building regulations application which might be required. We are well known to Wycombe district Council Building Control department.
  • We will appoint a structural engineer as required and work closely with them to prepare a structural solution for the project.
  • We only work on one project at a time, to ensure quality and that each project its successfully completed on time and on budget.



  • There is a seamless relationship between the design process and the building works, which is the real essence of what we are offering. We know what we are building, because we have designed and specified it. Our strong design ethos permeates through all our projects and is carried out with pride by everyone working for us, creating a harmonious and professional working environment.
  • Detailed construction drawings are produced in-house for all aspects of the project, including the service plans, construction details, interior design aspects, as well as any furniture and joinery.
  • Every project has appointed project manager. They will be there throughout, making sure everything is going to plan and co-ordinating the whole construction process. Most importantly, they are in continual communication with you, our client


 If you would like to view our work , please contact us and we could arrange an onsite meeting at one of our projects.

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