Irfan Akram Architecture & Design

The Building Regulations Process


1Building Regulations Preparation

Generally all projects will require Building Control Approval from the Local Authority. I will prepare a set of Building Control Plans which will include Floor Plans, Elevations, Sections, Site Plan a Basis Specification relating directly to Building Control issues.

The plans which contain technical information will be submitted to the Local Authority for checking (Plan Check). Once Building Control are satisfied with the basic design they will issue a ‘Plan Check Approval’. This approval often contains conditions such as ‘Pending Structural Design’. In essence this allows the process to continue whilst a Structural Engineering Design is prepare in parallel with the development of the scheme. Any condition must usually be satisfied prior to the commencement of works.

2Building Structural Design

The majority of projects contain an element of Structural Design such as specialist foundation design, retaining walls, structural steelwork or timber designs. I wil liase with a team of experienced Structural Engineer to perform this task. Using the project drawings  the engineer will calculate the stresses and loads applied on the building and size any structural elements that are required. These calculations are then sent to the Local Authority for Approval.

3Project Construction

Once Approval or Conditional Approval is given by building control your project can then move into the construction phase.


PLEASE NOTE: Building regulations approval can take upto 6 weeks!