Irfan Akram Architecture & Design

Building Regulation Fees

Below are the associated fees for up to the ‘Building Regulation Submission’ stage.

My Fees

Single Storey Extensions

Single Storey rear, front or side extension(s) - from £250 + Council Fees

Double Storey Extensions

Double Storey rear, front or side extension(s) - from £300 + Council Fees

Loft Conversion

With or without dormer(s) - from £300 + Council Fees

Garage Conversion

from £250 + Council Fees

Basement Conversion

from £250 + Council Fees

Single Storey + Loft Conversion

from £450 + Council Fees

Double Storey + Loft Conversion

from £500 + Council Fees


For any other projects/building works, fees will be confirmed at the intial meeting.

Fee Payment Terms

Upon your initial acceptance, an instruction deposit is for 50% of my fee is due, with the subsequent 50% plus any excluded costs due for payment prior to submission of the planning application.


Council Fees

Building regulations application fee consists of two separate fees:

  • Plan Charge Fee
  • Inspection Fee

Fees vary accordingly to the size of the project/development.


Please Note: The standard charges for Building Notices are approximately 25 per cent higher than full plans applications. All payable to the local authority.

For a more detailed and list of all Building regulation fees, please click on the button below:

Council Fees




Other Fees

Other fees that can relate to a building project are:

Build Over Agreement

Where a property or part of a property is built over a public asset, such as a water main or sewer, it is advisable to check that permission has been granted in the past for the building or extension to have been erected.

Build Over Agreement Fee - £343 (Payable to Thames Water Utilities Ltd)

Connecting to Public Sewer

If you would like to connect your new or existing property to our public sewerage system, for both foul water and surface water (rainwater), you will need to apply for a sewer connection that complies with Section 106 of the Water Industry Act 1991.

Connecting to Public Sewer Fee - Varies from £87 (Indirect Connection) - £278 (Direct Connection)

Please Note: The above fees are from Thames Water Utilities Ltd. Fees vary between different Utilities companies.

Structural Engineers Fees

The Structural Engineer’s fee depends entirely on the complexity of your building project. If your new extension has no new steelwork/load-bearing beams or columns and the only new structural elements are timber joists & rafters then one should be able to get by without a Structural Engineer.

If however, load-bearing walls are being modified/removed, chimney breasts are being removed or other structural elements are being tampered with, it is crucial than you employ a structural engineer.
Not only will he be able to give valuable advice but he will also be able to prepare the necessary calculations required for Building Regulations Approval.

Please Note: Most house extensions will require some sort of structural calculation as the existing external wall will be punctured to provide access to the new building.

Fees can range from £75-£100 per beam calculation from small-time engineers and site visits that are charged at £100-£150 a time.